new born baby shopping
11 Dec

You’ve just had a baby, and there now exists a huge dilemma inside you; what to have and not have for you baby, what to shop for, what to purchase, all to ensure that your baby has the perfect experience that would make you satisfied and happy as well.  Every parent should have newborn baby shopping checklist handy.

Here are some shopping essentials you most definitely need for your baby :

  • Diapers: Lots and lots of these! Of late, many diaper brands have come up with new technologies and measures to ensure your child is not disturbed or subject to discomfort or pain due to the usage of diapers.
  • Nappy changing mats: These come in handy after every diaper change, and can be particularly useful to new moms. These are also available in a waterproof manner that makes it very easy to use as well as clean.
  • Baby Wipes: Whether it is for a general clean-up or if your baby needs a post-bath clean up, baby wipes are absolutely essential and a must in your daily applications.
  • Baby Rash Cream: Sometimes, babies do develop rashes and other skin conditions owing to a  number of conditions that affect their skin.
  • Caps: It is very essential to protect children from both cold as well as hot weather, and so, caps are absolutely essential for all children. These come in extremely cute designs.
  • Socks: It is very essential to ensure that your baby’s feet are covered at all times, so as to ensure that your baby does not fall ill or sick or is not cold.
  • Cotton baby bed with net: This bed is to ensure that your baby is comfortably able to sleep, play and be safe in, which also protecting himself against bites and insects. This will also help to make sure that breastfeeding can be done easily for the baby. Make sure that the bed is made only out cotton or such nice materials.
  • Baby Neck Support Pillow: Since babies do not yet have control over their heads, it would be wise to invest in a neck pillow that can steady their movements.
  •  Soft baby shirts: Ensure that these are cotton, and can be opened from the front, since babies will need a lot of changing to do and this will come in handy. Also make sure that these are easy to wash and easy to dry.
  • Blankets: Blankets are absolutely essential to your baby’s needs, and will protect the baby from extreme temperatures as well as other external circumstances, while also protecting the baby’s ear and head.
  • Bathing products: Mild is the only way to go while searching for baby products. Make sure that the products you use do not impact the child’s skin, nor are they too pungent and off putting.
  • Baby Bath Tub: Ensure that this is completely safe, and also make sure that your baby is not subject to any discomfort during his or her bath. This will keep him or her safe and happy during baths, in addition to clean.
  • Baby Nail Clippers: Your baby is a fragile, tiny being, and it is only important that her or his nails are attended to with care. Adult nail clippers can be hard on the child, so invest in quality baby nail clippers. Also make sure that you do not let the child’s fingers grow too long.
  • Toys: Invest in quality rattlers and soft bathing toys for your child, but do take utmost care to ensure that these toys do not harm the baby, and are completely safe and help in hand eye coordination for the baby through his or her formative years.

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